Sequential Presotherapy
(Boots for lymphatic drainage)

Presotherapy is a medical or aesthetic treatment intended to perform lymphatic drainage by means of air pressure. It uses an equipment having pants or boots that cover legs and buttocks and that emits pressure waves. It also use on arms with specific sleeves used for that purpose. Lymphatic system disorders produce: infiltration of the subcutaneous tissue, with the consequent lymphatic edema (also called lymphoedema); lymph concentration in soft tissue; lack of balance between lymph production and concentration.

It is recommended for edemas and disorders of the vascular system, since it favors fluids, fat and toxins removal. It reactivates the vascular system, increases irrigation, stimulates the inmunologic system and tones (due to the improvement of circulation and oxygenation) the muscular tissue. It is also recommended for patients with peripheral vascular system disorders, for the treatment of post-surgical vascularization and irrigation, post-traumatic edemas, disorders of the vein return blood circulation, etc.

It is the ideal complement for slim and contouring treatments, since it prevents fluids accumulation. It is the most effective treatment to improve the cellulite tissue and, therefore, it makes legs feel relaxed, light and it removes the famous “orange-peel” appearance, since it also helps the reabsorption and evacuation of proteic substances and plasmatic proteins.

It is neither recommended for patients with injuries, ulcers or lacerations on their limbs, nor for patients suffering from severe circulatory and cardiologic disorders, nor for patients with deep vein thrombosis, severe peripheral artery disease, nor for patients carrying pacemakers.