Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet-rich Plasma is a suspension obtained by autologous collection of blood, that is to say blood belonging to the patient himself, which undergoes a centrifugation in combination with calcium chloride to activate the platelets. This suspension or plasma shows a high concentration of platelets that, when being activated, release the growth factors.

These factors stimulate collagen production, elastin, epidermal tissue and the hemostatic process. Consequently, Platelet-rich Plasma is used for different treatment, such as face and neck rejuvenescence, improving skin quality and luminosity, wrinkles on face, neckline and hands.

It is also used to treat cellulite and striae, as well as to regenerate tissues, such as surgical injures and ulcers, and to avoid serosae and hematoms. It can also be used to prevent hair fall. It is also applied in Traumatology and Odontology.

Treatment may be performed through mesotherapy, filling or simple infiltration, depending on the case to be treated.As regards Aesthetics, it is recommended to perform one application and to repeat it after a month. Then, maintenance may be repeated after 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

It is a very noble and safe treatment, since it uses autologous tissue